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MICRO 1 (2010), Nr. 1     1. Dez. 2010
MICRO 1 (2010), Nr. 1  (01.12.2010)

Seite 56-63, Sprache: Englisch

Microdentistry: Concepts, Methods, And Clinical Incorporation
Murgel, Carlos
Microdentistry can be defined as the practice of minimally invasive dentistry with the aid of any optical device that magnifies the operative field. As a direct consequence of the better visualization obtained, treatment can be more precise and less invasive, thus preserving the oral tissues and dental structures from unnecessary substance loss during procedures such as diagnosis, caries removal, and cavity preparation. This concept can and should be applied to dentistry as a whole, not only to those specialties that "need to see more." This misconception is one of the factors preventing dental professionals from seeing the complete picture of magnified dentistry. The advantages of microdentistry for the dental team are numerous: lower stress levels, effective control of the operatory field, less fatigue, improved ergonomics, and more efficiency. The result is satisfaction and pride for the dental team and an unprecedented level of clinical excellence in treatment. This paper provides a brief summary of the primary factors to consider when transitioning from traditional treatment to the practice of microdentistry with the operating microscope.
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