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MICRO 2 (2010), No. 1     1. Dec. 2010
MICRO 1 (2009), No. 1  (01.12.2009)

Page 61-64

Study of Surface Roughness and Marginal Fit Using A Newly Developed Microfinishing Bur and New Preparation Technique
Hirata, Tetsuya / Nakamura, Takashi / Wakabayashi, Kazumichi / Yatani, Hirofumi
The use of an operating microscope and visual guidance in perio-prosthodontic treatment allows for smoother surface roughness of preparations and superior marginal fit of restorations to abutments. This study examined the surface roughness and marginal fit of preparations carried out using three different techniques: (1) conventional preparation using a superfine diamond bur (Shofu) in which the bur is moved around the tooth surface in a counterclockwise rotational motion, (2) preparation using the newly developed microfinishing bur (Shizaisha) in the same conventional counterclockwise rotational motion, and (3) preparation using the newly developed microfinishing bur in which the bur is pulled or pushed in only one direction from inside to outside of the shoulder in the same orientation as the enamel rods. The results showed that method 3 provided a significantly smoother surface roughness (Ra: 6.585 µm) and smaller marginal gap (16.165 µm) compared to the other two methods.
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