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MICRO 2 (2010), Nr. 1     1. Dez. 2010
MICRO 2 (2010), Nr. 1  (01.12.2010)

Seite 28-41, Sprache: Englisch

Uses Of The Operating Microscope In Minimally Invasive Implantology
Shakibaie-M, Behnam
Minimally invasive procedures are ubiquitous in medicine and now show an increased presence in invasive disciplines of dentistry. In implantology, this requires three-dimensional diagnostics, microsurgical instruments and suture materials, and especially optical magnification with axially aligned illumination. The operating microscope (OPMI) combines these last two requirements, which are essential even at high magnification. Customized sterile draping sheets allow the OPMI to be used even under the aseptic conditions of implant surgery. The advantages of the OPMI in implantology are numerous and are apparent especially in clinical assessment, diagnosis, management of the esthetic zone, sinus lift procedures, soft tissue management, and photographic and video documentation. Technical developments such as autofocus, xenon illumination, magnetic fixation, and charge-coupled device and high-definition digital cameras enhance the precision of the OPMI while also improving ergonomics. This article describes the main indications for using the OPMI in minimally invasive implantology.
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