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MICRO 2 (2010), No. 1     1. Dec. 2010
MICRO 1 (2009), No. 1  (01.12.2009)

Page 13-24

Principles and Practice of Periodontal Microsurgery
Tibbetts, Leonard S. / Shanelec, Dennis
Periodontal microsurgery is the refinement of basic surgical techniques made possible by the improved visual acuity gained with the use of the surgical microscope. In the hands of a trained and experienced clinician, microsurgery offers enhanced outcomes not possible with traditional macrosurgery, especially in terms of passive wound closure and reduced tissue trauma. This paper aims to briefly review the basics of periodontal microsurgery, including the role and instruments of magnification, hand positions, knot trying, clinical applications, and microsurgery's effect on esthetics. The improved visual acuity of microsurgery provides significant advantages to those who take the time to become proficient in microsurgical principles and procedures.
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